A pioneer for introducing the Philippines for medical education among the Indian students, a philanthropist relentlessly working for the betterment of the society and a visionary equipped with vast knowledge, Dr David K Pillai is a name synonymous with Servitude to Society. For over 20 years, David K Pillai single-handedly transformed the medical education scenario in India. As a president of Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd, David K Pillai and his team have succeeded in providing top-class medical education to over 5000 students from India at an affordable and economical fee.

David K Pillai's relentless pursuit of improving the rural sector of India stands on two main grounds: 1. Providing Healthcare Facilities. 2. Providing Medical Education in Honing Healthcare Professionals. A country like India, despite its rising GDP, ranks 143 out of 147 countries in the Health Index. Dr David K Pillai has dedicated his life in improving the healthcare industry and the education system and has dawned the prominent responsibility to bring about this change.

Early life:

Dr David K Pillai was born on February 17th, 1965 into a humble and modest family in Chatrapati, a small village on the outskirts of Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. It was this humble upbringing that helped Dr David K Pillai to get accustomed to the hardships of life at a very early age and since then, David K Pillai always dreamt of helping his society and make a change for the better. Dr David K Pillai completed his schooling from ED Thomas Memorial Higher Secondary School where he completed his 10+2. Before this, Dr Pillai completed his middle school from James Memorial Matric Higher Secondary School. David Pillai is an alma mater of Spicer Memorial College and graduated in the year 1991 with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Dr David K Pillai received his PhD shortly after.


David K Pillai in his initial year's served in an SDA publishing company in Bangalore and was later promoted to Press Manager. Subsequently, David K Pillai was recruited by the Lowry Adventist College, Bengaluru as a senior accountant.

Never giving up on his dreams to help the community, David K Pillai during his formative years rigorously travelled the world to find the best place for Indian students to pursue medical education. David K Pillai explains his choice of Davao in the Philippines has many folds advantages to an Indian student. Language, climate, safety, lifestyle, cost of education and exposure to hands-on practice were his major considerations. Davao seemed not just ideal but extremely conducive to the students of India. With this, David K Pillai established a relationship with Davao Medical School Foundation through his venture Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd and over the years has become the principal associate of DMSF, a top college in the Philippines known for its premium and quality education.

More than 20 years into this association and DMSF saw more than 10000 students from India coming to study MBBS and are currently practising medicine all over the world.


David K Pillai has been a successful entrepreneur

  • President, Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd
  • President, St. Andrews Education Foundation
  • Chairman, N.M. Wadia Hospital, Pune
  • President, Poona Christian Medical Association
  • Chairman, All Saints School Khadki, Pune


  • Recognised by the state of Maryland, United States for his service in the medical field for providing low-cost high-quality education, Dr David K Pillai received this award from the Comptroller of the state of Maryland, Peter Franchot.
  • Dr David K Pillai is also the recipient of the prestigious 'Lifetime Achievement Award' at the 2nd Annual Global Medical Excellence Awards on 22nd November 2020 at the house of Parliament, London, the United Kingdom to recognise his unparalleled contributions to the field of healthcare and medical education.