Message For Indian Students:

"At Transworld Educare Pvt. Ltd. knowledge reigns supreme. As we look forward to grooming budding medical professionals and students both academically and socially, we also take the responsibility of carving strong and influential personalities out of each student so that they grow up to be well-balanced citizens and expert doctors of the world.

Because Transworld is the principal associate of Davao Medical School Foundation, it brings a tremendous responsibility on our shoulders and a grasping opportunity for the students to fulfil their dreams without compromising on the standards of life. This association benefits our rural communities and the students who want to pursue this noble field of profession. It also gives the much-needed limelight to our Indian students and puts them in a global standard of excellence. The curriculum has been designed to provide a focused effort and a vision to impart education of the higher qualities and maximise the exposure to hands-on practice. We also excel in providing clinical training to the students for the complete development of their skills and concepts.

The focus is and will be to produce more and more capable healthcare professionals and practitioners to mitigate the challenges the future generation might face. Keeping their paths to enlightenment open, let's empower our students with an enhanced and engaging education system.

Here's wishing everyone success and hope that this journey, though convoluted and challenging, will be a successful and fulfilling one.

- Dr David K Pillai

CEO- Transworld Educare

Philanthropic Activities:

Being the sole pioneer of popularizing The Philippines as a preferred destination for the Indian students to study MBBS abroad, David K Pillai is not just an activist or an entrepreneur but much-respected Philanthropist for his countless and innumerable services to the community. Dr David K Pillai has single-handedly transformed the scenario of medical education in India and has allowed many rural communities to educate their children in the best of environments. Positioning the Indian students in the global limelight, David K Pillai leads his life by examples. This association of Transworld with Davao Medical School Foundation has opened new doors for the students who want to pursue a career in medical science at an affordable cost. This association has already produced more than 5000 medical graduates with 2800 graduates practising medicine all over the world. That's 5000 dreams fulfilled and countless lives touched and saved.

David K Pillai for his outstanding contribution to the field of Medical education has been on receiving ends of many honours, awards and recognitions from prestigious institutions and organizations from all over the world. Equally known for philanthropic activities, David K Pillai has even awarded free medical education to the ones who were deprived of fundamental necessities. From providing free education to providing better healthcare facilities, David K Pillai is highly revered among his peers and respected by his benefactors. A man on a mission to make future India healthy and better equipped, David K Pillai and his story beliefs are a blessing to all humanity.