Blog about AACI


The conference of Association of Alliance Club International (Visakhapatnam) will be held soon and people from various countries will be joining the conference. Many important members of AACI from the Philippines arrived beforehand and they also visited our Kings International Medical Academy at Mahabalipuram in Tamilnadu. Dr. Dolores Albro, the founder of AACI, the Philippines and other important members came to KIMA.



R. Mathivanan, the second International Vice President of this organization and Chairman of “Ulaga Thamizhar Pathippagam” invited these important icons to our campus. Mr. Mallai.Sathya and Mr. Rajesh Pillai gave a warm welcome to the Philippines team on behalf of the Chairman, Dr. David K. Pillai.
Dr. Dolores Albro and his team were impressed seeing our campus and its architecture. They also spoke about the quality of Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) in Davao City, the Philippines and the expertise of Indian doctors.



They mentioned that there are lots of Filipino patients coming to India for medical treatment and they trust the quality here. They also liked the campus of Kings International Medical Academy. They visited our smart classrooms, canteen, auditorium, labs and amphitheatre and they were astonished. They were also overwhelmed with the world class standard architecture and natural surroundings. They even sat with our Kings’ students and had lunch with them. They conversed with our students and enjoyed their time here.